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Key Lime Pie, American Sour Blonde Ale (5.2%)

First brewed here at Tap House and making its triumphant return by popular demand! Whether you’re mowing the lawn, chilling by the lake, or camping with friends, this is the perfect beer for fun in the sun!

Agatha’s Revenge, German-style Kolsch (5.7%)

Designed and brewed by the Schwerdt family to honor their Mother, who’s middle name is “Agatha”. This German family wanted to make something with all German ingredients, and we were happy to oblige! German malts give the beer a light breadiness, the noble hops a light, spicy bitterness, and the yeast strain a delicate fruitiness and clean, lager-like finish. Prost!

Flight of the Moa, New Zealand IPA (6.0%)

IPA brewed with New Zealand soured hops; Motueka, Rakau, and Nelson Sauvin. Experience the short but memorable ride on this aromatic flightless bird of epic proportions. 12 ft tall and 500lbs this ferocious fiend was once hunted by the Native Maori people.

Eater of Worlds

American Barleywine (11.0%)

The herald has arrived, trumpeting the arrival of the Great Devourer! Massive biscuit, caramel, and fruity esters collide with galactic bitterness and hoppy pine. Abandon all hope, and surrender yourself to a boozy masterblast in the face!

The Autumn Wind, Fresh Hop IPA (7.5%)

The Autumn Wind is a pirate, blustering in from sea! Soaked on 44lbs of fresh, whole cone hops grown and harvested by our friends at Kansas Hop Company, the beer acquires a unique flavor profile that’s only available once a year. With a slightly maltier grain bill using British Maris Otter, the beer is full of seasonal flavor, a piney bitterness, and plenty of alcohol!

The Gradju Wit, Belgian-Style Witbier (4.8%)

A tribute to all the missed graduation celebrations in the spring, our seasonal witbier is here to brighten your day! Made with Kansas wheat, this refreshingly light summer offering features lovely coriander and fresh orange zest popping in every sip!

Pub Ale, English-Style Brown Ale (4.8%)

Surprising light body, with a smooth and balanced profile. Not very assertive, and easy-drinking. Light flavors of toast, dark caramel, and some fruity esters in the background.

Yabba Dabba Brew, Fruited Berliner Weisse (4.8%)

Fresh, fruity, and fun! A lightly tart sour ale with yummy flavors reminiscent of your favorite candy or breakfast cereal. It’ll make you want to shout ‘Yabba Dabba Brew’!

1863 Wheat, Unfiltered American Wheat Ale (5.5%)

Collaboration between Tallgrass Tap House, K-State College of Agriculture, Kansas Wheat Commission, and the Kansas Wheat Alliance. This beer features the 1863 wheat variety developed by K-State and marketed by Kansas Wheat Alliance.

Ragnarök Festbier, German Lager (6.2%)

Our liquid ode to the end of the world, boasts a clean and malty flavor with an elegant light body. When Ragnarök draws nigh, hoist this brew from your front-row seat to the apocalypse!

Liquid Sunshine, Hoppy Wheat Ale (5.0%)

Let some solar rays tickle your taste buds with this summery offering! We combined heritage varieties of barley and wheat that accentuate the character of each commodity for a nice, grainy backbone. Then we hit it with some super-citrusy hops to give the beer a bright, sunny disposition. Very drinkable and a great companion for warm weather and clear skies!


Boulevard Brewing Co. Hibiscus Gose, Sour Ale with Sea Salt, Coriander, & Hibiscus Flowers (4.2%)

Boulevard Brewing Co. Wheat Unfiltered American Wheat (4.4%)

CiderBoys First Press, Traditional Hard Apple Cider (5.0%)

Free State Brewing Co. Oatmeal Stout, Oatmeal Stout (6.1%)

Kansas Territory Brewing Co. Life Coach, American Lager (5.0%)

Kansas Territory Brewing Co. Pineapple Life Coach, American Lager w/ Pineapple (3.7%)

KC Bier Co. Dunkel, Munich-style Brown Lager (5.1%)

New Belgium Brewing Co. VooDoo Ranger Imperial, Imperial IPA (9.0%)

Walnut River Warbeard, Irish Red Ale (5.5%)