*** Crowlers & Growlers Available For Tap House Exclusives Only. Prices Vary.

Amulet of Anubis, American Lager (4.4%)

After months of searching and digging in the hot, arid desert, you have finally unearthed the Tomb of Anubis! As you claim the treasure you seek (the jeweled Amulet marking the mummy god’s lair), you realize how refreshing an ice-cold, clean lager will taste as you celebrate your find. It’s a good thing that beer is so drinkable, because your removal of the artifact has awoken and angered the sleeping ancient one, and it wants its Amulet back!

Voodoo Chant, Island-style IPA (7.8%)

Hypnotically refreshing, with crisp bitterness and brilliant clarity, this tropical inspired IPA is easy drinking and enchanted with modern hop varieties. Low malt character lets hoppy flavors and aromas of tropical fruit, pine, and hints of pina colada. Now repeat, “Ade beaucoup Damballa. Donne-moi tout le pouvoir, je t’en supplie!”

Boo Berry, Blueberry Berliner Weisse (4.8%)

Enjoy some spooktacular, tasty treats with this spritely apparition of a sour ale! Flavors of blueberry and pie crust come together for a frightfully fun and fizzy Berliner Weisse.

Scarecrow, Harvest Wheat Ale (5.0%)

Don’t wander into the cornfields at night, you never know what might be waiting for you! Light bodied, easy-drinking, with notes of fresh-harvest wheat bread and balanced by a hint of light caramel malt.

Kansas IPA, Unfiltered American IPA (7.5%)

Celebrating the beauty of the Sunflower State, this IPA is a tip of the cap to all things Kansas! With strong notes of fruit, pine and “purple drink”, you’ll want to savor every flavor and give cheers to rolling green hills, fireflies, and aromatic tall grass fields.

A Nightmare on Poyntz Ave, Autumn Lager (5.0%)

One, two it’s coming for you. Three, four, a haunting, crisp pour. Five, six, here’s your Autumn fix. Seven, eight, taste your fate. Nine, ten, you better order again.

Beauregard, American Pale Ale (5.5%)

Who knows what now lurks in the depths of Wildcat Creek? This sneak-attack Pale Ale is coming at you with a medium-bodied, balanced, and fruity profile that keeps it super-drinkable with a lingering bite. Chomp chomp, look out for Beauregard!

Key Lime Pie, American Sour Blonde Ale (5.2%)

First brewed here at Tap House and making its triumphant return by popular demand! Whether you’re mowing the lawn, chilling by the lake, or camping with friends, this is the perfect beer for fun in the sun!

Flight of the Moa, New Zealand IPA (6.0%)

IPA brewed with New Zealand soured hops; Motueka, Rakau, and Nelson Sauvin. Experience the short but memorable ride on this aromatic flightless bird of epic proportions. 12 ft tall and 500lbs this ferocious fiend was once hunted by the Native Maori people.

Eater of Worlds, American Barleywine (11.0%)

The herald has arrived, trumpeting the arrival of the Great Devourer! Massive biscuit, caramel, and fruity esters collide with galactic bitterness and hoppy pine. Abandon all hope, and surrender yourself to a boozy masterblast in the face!

The Gradju Wit, Belgian-Style Witbier (4.8%)

A tribute to all the missed graduation celebrations in the spring, our seasonal witbier is here to brighten your day! Made with Kansas wheat, this refreshingly light summer offering features lovely coriander and fresh orange zest popping in every sip!


Boulevard Brewing Co. Wheat Unfiltered American Wheat (4.4%)

CiderBoys Huckleberry Jam, Apple Huckleberry Hard Cider (5.0%)

Free State Brewing Co. Oatmeal Stout, Oatmeal Stout (6.1%)

Kansas Territory Brewing Co. Life Coach, American Lager (5.0%)

Kansas Territory Brewing Co. Pineapple Life Coach, American Lager w/ Pineapple (3.7%)

New Belgium Brewing Co. VooDoo Ranger Imperial, Imperial IPA (9.0%)

Odell Brewing Co. Sippin’ Pretty, Fruited Sour (4.5%)

Oskar Blues Brewing Co. Dale’s Pale Ale, American Pale Ale (6.5%)

Walnut River Warbeard, Irish Red Ale (5.5%)